GTA Online Heists Not Working On PS3 or PS4: Job Unavailable? Connection

GTA Online Heists Not Working On PS3 or PS4: Job Unavailable? Connection
Now that Heists are finally available on GTA Online, people are flocking to the new modes. With a huge surge in popularity, it's only logical that the servers may be experiencing some issues. If you're having a hard time getting on, try out these steps …

WhatsApp working on online chat backups via Google Drive: Report
Online publication Android Police received a tip from a member of the WhatsApp translation group about new the presence of new options in the app that suggest that WhatsApp will soon get the option to backup and restore chat history from Google Drive.
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Selling used underwear online for £35: Welcome to the world of student sex work
The consistent factor between the branches of sex work popular with students is that now, as opposed to 15 year ago, work is solicited online. There's no standing around on street corners. There's not even a need for an agency to be involved. Many …

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How Cell Phone Companies Are Getting You To Pay More

How Cell Phone Companies Are Getting You To Pay More
A sample notification indicating that a customer is about to go over her data plan. But cell phone … If you implement these alerts, then they're going to lose money on that, so they're going to try to make up that money, in other words, by increasing …
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White Sox offer early-season plan
"Given the weather we have and the product we've had in the past, we've had crowds under 20,000, it made sense for us to use these games to get people to sample, or snack, on us," said Brooks Boyer, the White Sox's chief marketing officer. Actual seat …
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JB Shuck is in, other White Sox roster spots will have to wait
That's exactly what the team is doing, announcing the "Ballpark Plan" that gives a fan a ticket to every home game the team plays on a Monday through Thursday in the first two months of the season — for $ 29 total. The cheapest ticket sold … "Given …
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Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) April 01, 2015, the leading digital retailer of gift cards, today announced the availability of a new mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones. Starting today and available for free, consumers can download the new mobile app from the Google Play and iTunes stores and purchase e-Gift cards from popular brands like, Sephora, Barnes & Noble and dozens of others. Additionally, the new app can be used to create personalized gift cards customized with photos.

The new app, which replaces the one launched in 2012, enables consumers to quickly and easily turn photos into a personalized MasterCard or Visa gift card. From the mobile app, consumers can snap a photo or select one off their gallery, crop it, enter the engraved message and load it with any amount between $ 10 and $ 500. will ship the plastic gift card to the recipient.

Merchant e-Gift cards, on the other hand, are sent and received almost immediately digitally and are redeemable online or can be printed or downloaded to mobile apps and redeemed when shopping in the stores.

The popularity of e-Gift cards is on the rise. According to CEB, e-gifting has grown from a $ 3 billion market in 2012 to $ 6 billion in 2014. GiftCards.coms e-gift card business has grown by 156% from December 2013 to the same month of 2014.

The gift card market is migrating online at a fast pace, explains Jason Wolfe, CEO of, and much of it is going to mobile platforms. So we anticipate a broad reception of the app from the gift card consuming public.


Since 1999, has been providing U.S. consumers with an array of gift card products including personalized gift cards, group gift cards, e-gift cards, discount gift cards, and local gift cards redeemable at millions of establishments across the country. is also a leader in gift card innovation with 45 patents filed and 15 patents issued/allowed. The company additionally gives gift cards to underprivileged children through their You Gift, We Gift program and makes an annual contribution in each employees name to the employees charity of choice. More information about can be found on the companys media page.


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Riverside Co. acquires Connecticut-based Sound Marketing Concepts

Riverside Co. acquires Connecticut-based Sound Marketing Concepts
The Spectrio platform will benefit from the acquisition with Sound Marketing Concepts' existing foothold in New England, said Riverside principal Peter Tsang in a news release, while customers of the latter company will realize deeper service offerings.
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The Supply Side: Holistic Product Group looks to turn concepts into retail sales
From the concept team, the new widget moves to the design team. There, engineering, marketing, logistics, and finance staff work together to provide the client, the widget designer, information to take the design to a level so engineering can build it …
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Volkswagen Beetle special edition concepts hit NY [w/poll]
VWoA's operations in the United States include research and development, parts and vehicle processing, parts distribution centers, sales, marketing and service offices, financial service centers, and its state -of-the- art manufacturing facility in …
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The Easiest Way to Find Parking in a Neighborhood – ShareASpot Is Chicago’s Local Parking Expert

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 22, 2015

Many Chicago suburb residents are perpetually on the lookout for a reliable parking spot, whereas many homeowners always have an empty driveway. A new Chicago-based company, ShareASpot, aims to solve just these problems, by letting individuals who own an unused parking space rent it out to those who need it.

In recent years, most Chicago suburbs have developed strict ordinances regarding overnight street parking. The ShareASpot founders saw this as an opportunity to match people who have an extra parking spot at their home with people who are looking for a parking spot nearby.

We are from the community, and have dealt with the headaches of parking in a suburb with overnight parking restrictions, says co-founder Devin Bates.

ShareASpot was formed in 2014, when the founders had to help family members find reliable parking in the suburbs of Chicago. Initially, this was done by passing out flyers and knocking on doors, but it soon became clear that the Internet would be the perfect way to connect those in need of parking with those that have extra spots.

Owners will be able to list their unused parking spots for free on the ShareASpot website, whether they choose to rent on a regular basis, or just for certain events, holidays, or seasons. The owners never have to deal directly with the renters, instead collecting their payments directly through the ShareASpot website.

The company seeks to set itself apart from other parking services by focusing on rentals from individuals rather than commercial spaces. Pricing is flexible and is determined by the spot owner. Generally, that number falls between $ 40 to $ 100 per month in most suburbs. The features of each parking spot (such as whether it is covered or uncovered, and whether it offers 24 hour access) also impact the price.

Our service is perfect for people who rent apartments or are new to town and find that available parking is limited. Whether they need a spot overnight or one close to the train, ShareASpot can help them find reliable parking, says Bates. Additionally, we’re finding that people with available space are very excited to be able to earn additional income from their unused parking spot.

Find out more about ShareASpot at:

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Property Management Software Provider Welcomes Major Product Feature

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Rentec Direct, leading provider of property management software solutions, introduces a new electronic signature feature to make online leasing easier. Through a partnership with DocuSign, the leading electronic signature service provider, Rentec Direct users can now accept electronic signatures on legal documents, including lease agreements.

Rentec Direct provides powerful online software for property managers and landlords who seek simple solutions for handling business tasks, like managing tenants, accounting, processing rent payments and tenant screening. In order to make the cloud-based software even more robust, Rentec Direct brings users electronic signature capabilities.

We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our software to better serve our clients and this feature is a result of valuable feedback from our clients, explains Nathan Miller, President of Rentec Direct. Giving our clients the ability to accept electronic signatures for rental lease documents significantly changes the lengthy lease signing process of traditional pen and paper, making the whole process faster and easier.

DocuSign for Rentec allows users to create or upload custom lease documents and rental agreements that can be electronically sent to tenants to review and sign online. DocuSign eSignatures are valid and legally binding across the globe and are used in 188 countries around the world.

DocuSign for Rentec provides property managers and landlords an easy, secure, and fast way to get lease agreements signed. Using electronic signatures eliminates the time consuming process of printing, scanning, and mailing important documents to and from tenants and rental property owners. This feature delivers a valuable new way to save time and money, and helps users secure lease agreements faster than ever before.

To find out more about electronic signatures and how property managers can start processing leases online today, visit

About Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct provides affordable property management software solutions to property managers and landlords. Other popular solutions offered by Rentec Direct include tenant ACH payment processing, tenant credit check services, and online syndication of vacancies to more than 20 popular websites.

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Sterling Currency Group Releases New Infographic on Iraqi Dinar

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Sterling Currency Group, the

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Vertical Measures Awarded with Two AZIMA TIM Interactive Marketing Honors

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Phoenix-based Internet marketing agency Vertical Measures has been awarded two TIM digital marketing awards by AZIMA, the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association.

The awards were held on Thursday, March 26th at the Phoenix Art Museum. Named after Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, the renowned father of the internet, the AZIMA TIM Awards were created to highlight the outstanding efforts of companies and individuals in the digital marketing realm of Arizona.

The Vertical Measures content marketing blog, one of the leading Internet marketing blogs on the web, took honors for Best Blog. This multi-author blog covers a broad variety of topics like content creation and strategy, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. Multiple forms of original content are delivered to followers 2-3 times a week, ranging from blogs to videos, infographics to resource lists. In 2014, 155 pieces of content were published from over 15 different authors and content creators.

The AZIMA judges made these remarks about the Vertical Measures blog:

Good mix of timely relevant posts and recurring themes.
Design is excellent and works within the existing site structure for lead generation and exploration opportunities.
Sharing behavior is outstanding.

This was an exciting win for all of us because our blog is a tremendous team effort, said Quinn Whissen, Marketing Manager for Vertical Measures. From designers to writers, editors to contributors, our blog is a true testament to our company values. Its not enough to tell our clients how to manage their content; we have to practice what we preach. Im proud of how our team lives up to these ideals via our blog.

Vertical Measures also took home an award for Best Content Marketing Campaign for their work on Convince Your Boss is a micro-site built to equip marketers with the tools needed to be able to convince their boss to invest in content marketing. Visitors can find articles, ways to respond to objections, expert video insights, tools, stats, and presentation templates. All of this will help prepare them for pitching the decision makers and starting a pilot program. Judges were impressed, saying it is a perfect example of how to transform a common issue/problem into a viable resource for a crucial audience.

We were excited to be recognized by AZIMA and the Arizona digital marketing community as a whole for both our blog and Convince Your Boss. Phoenix is our home base and we are proud to be a part of this vibrant and ever-evolving industry. We are honored to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, including our own,” said President of Vertical Measures, Chris Bird.

# # #


Vertical Measures is a full-service Internet marketing agency dedicated to helping clients drive profitable growth through content marketing. Based on the principles outlined in Vertical Measures proven 8 Step Process, the agency creates integrated digital strategies, content pieces, and targeted SEO & PPC campaigns for organizations large and small. As an industry leader, Vertical Measures publishes in outlets like CMI & Phoenix Business Journal, teaches educational content marketing workshops and seminars, and brings customized onsite training directly to internal teams.

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Maybe You Shouldn't Hire a VP of Digital Strategy

Maybe You Shouldn't Hire a VP of Digital Strategy
Gene Fitzpatrick, SVP, multichannel marketing at Grey Healthcare Group, says agencies are still service businesses first: ”Digital strategists need to be passionate about what they do and also genuinely interested in how it can benefit a client. You …
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Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, March 31
This year's healthcare M&A activity stands at $ 75 billion, a total that includes Monday's purchase by UnitedHealthcare of Catamaran for $ 13.2 billion and Teva's $ 3.1 billion acquisition of Auspex Pharmaceuticals. Monday's activity accounted for about …
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PDR, Inc.
Trusted by generations of healthcare providers, PDR delivers innovative health knowledge products and services that support prescribing decisions and patient adherence to improve health. As a leading provider of behavior-based prescription management …
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Greece agency uses digital to engage consumers

Greece agency uses digital to engage consumers
Linking the customer to the product has always been the point of marketing. The precision capabilities of online marketing have surpassed the widespread method of “traditional” media. Companies like Catalyst strive to make the buyer-seller relationship …
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Commission Junction OPM Experience Advertising Has been Ranked the #1 uses several objective criteria when evaluating the top marketing agencies in the digital marketing arena. Experience Advertising focuses primarily on the Commission Junction (CJ) network, the largest affiliate marketing network in the U.S..
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The 10 Online Experts I'm Following In 2015
The CEO of Eight by Eight, a digital marketing agency, Amy Africa has been studying web design, usability, navigation, and sales conversion since the 1990s and applying her skills to work with clients like American Express, Dell, Microsoft, and Coca Cola.
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